Club Rules

Oakridge Curling Club 2006-2007 Rules

  1. In general, all Curl Canada rules of curling apply apply including the free guard zone.

  2. A team must have at least 3 players including 2 regular team members as listed on the roster. A regular team member must call teh game and throw skip rocks.

  3. All games will be a maximum of 8 ends. A buzzer will sound near the end of the game. At the buzzer, finish the end you are playing then play one more end (not more than 8 ends). For an end to be considered started, the first rock must have cleared the hog line.

  4. Missed games must be played prior to the end of the current round. It is the responsibility of the postponing team to reschedule the game. If the game is not replayed the postponing team loses the game. Make up games should be booked through the Legion Manager's office (Frank at 279-3636). There is no charge for members of our league so be sure to mention you are with the Oakridge Curling League.

  5. League standings are based on points awarded as follows:
    2 points for a win
    1 point for a tie
    0 points for a loss

    Point differential will be recorded primarily for bragging rights, with the possibility it may be used to break ties. Maximum recorded differential is 7 points in a game.

  6. Ties in league standings will be broken as follows:

    a)head to head

    b)number of wins during the season

    c)point differential

  7. As this is a social mixed curling league, alternate man/woman is appreciated whenever possible.

  8. The practice of putting out an opponent's rock is not an accepted part of curling etiquette and will slow down the game.

  9. Have Fun!